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She nodded her head dazedly, barely able to put two coherent words together, while slightly spread her legs farther apart, giving Dave an unencumbered view of her swollen lips! Almost casually he leaned over and took her all ready erect nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently, causing her cunt to gush uncontrollably under the delightfully warmth of the morning sun! Her breathing had become shallow and labored, as the Spaniard used his talented tongue on her chest, nibbling and sucked at her hard nubs. “Does the lady know that Spanish men are the best in the world at orally satisfy and woman,” he whispered in her ear? “No,” she hissed, through clenched teeth, “I didn’t know that!!!” “Would you care for me to demonstrate this phenomena for you,” he asked innocently? “Oh, yes,” she begged, “I beg you show me, show me right now!!!” He laughed softly and slid between her delightfully warm sun tanned legs, kissing the inside of her thighs with soft wet kisses, working his way up to her moist pussy. “Oooo, la-la,” he intoned gaily, while taking in a deep breath her sexual aroma, “you are in delightfully warmth, no!?!” “I beg you stop playing with me,” she begged, “do me now, I beg you!!!” The next thing she felt was a long tongue slithering along the length of her pussy, until it rested on her pulsating excitedly little “man in the boat”! Within five seconds Bella’s pussy was rocked by a thundering climax, the likes of which she had never felt before as her cunt flooded the Spaniard’s mouth with a torrent of hot pussy juice that hurriedly covered the whole lower half of his face!

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As her orgasm subsided, she had the unbelievable need to be filled with a large cock, and Dave seemed to read her mind like and open book, because a second or two later, he was shoving his thickness deep inside her waiting pussy! Bella was now like a bitch in delightfully warmth, and the only thing that mattered was having another orgasm! She took her long legs and wrapped them around Dave’s back, trying in desperation to lock their loins tighter together. Her mind was reeling, here she was on a public beach allowing a complete stranger to take her sexually like no other man ever had in her life! All at once he picked up the pace of his thrusting, now hammering away at her helpless pussy with machine like efficiency, driving her like a wild animal to the brink of her climax! It didn’t seem possible, but his cock seemed to get even harder as his own climax approached, and while looking directly into her eyes he said, “the lady, you are so beautiful, I had to pick you like a flower and hold you!” Just hearing his speak in such flowery language was all it took, and both of them held on for dear life as their orgasms ripped through their bodies, leaving them lying together in a post orgasmic glow!!!

Intertwined, basking in the sun, Dave kissed her neck and said, “I shall always remember you, Bella, as one of the best moments in my life!” She kissed him back and replied, “Me too, Dave, me too!”