Cuckolding On The Beach

Finally settled into the hotel Maria and Joe decided to head out into the little coastal town to explore. They had been anticipating their Spanish holiday for months. Couldnt wait for the pina coladas, dazing on the beach, hanging at the local bars and exploring the night life.

Maria dressed up for fun in high heels and one of her tight latex tops. He couldn’t help being taken aback by her. Stunning. Commanding. Gorgeous. He felt proud to walk hand in hand down the buzzing narrow streets towards the beach strip.

Tonight is going to be something entirely different. I guarantee it! she said casually.

How do you mean darling? he said, thinking she was plotting paella or maybe even a night swimming session in the Mediterranean. But deep down he might have a suspicion that was not it at all. Not even close.

The happy holiday couple dined on local food, enjoyed the seaside views, and practiced their stumbly Spanish on innocent locals. Enjoying a cozy evening of relaxation and joy. Until Maria suddenly said: Now my dear, I did not come here unprepared. She teasingly opened her latex top slightly, slipped out of her seat and strolled off in a determined stride in the direction of the beach. He looked around confused. He scrambled to pay the bill and hurried after her.

He made it all the way to the beach. Little beach bars and late-night swimmers scattered around. But no sign of Maria. He walked along the beach towards a set of tall rocks, something arousing his curiosity about what was hidden behind them. As he got closer sounds were heard from behind the rocks. He quietly approached. Crawling a small path up the rocks to get a glimpse of the little hidden cove behind. Trying desperately to keep entirely quiet as the sounds from behind the rock were getting louder, more intense. He was dragged towards the sounds like in a trance.

He almost cried out loud at the sight. Maria was there. Clothing scattered round the cove. Two Spanish looking guys working her both ends. Their hands all over her. Cocks in her mouth and pussy. A flush of jealousy overwhelmed him. His face flushing red. A million thoughts going through his mind. He could barely focus his sight.

Come down here, slave! He snapped out of his confused state by a sharp yelled command from Maria. She was now sitting on top of one of the Spanish guys riding him. We have something in store for you too slave, get a move on and get naked!

He obliged ….