Enjoy Public Nudity Anytime and Anyplace Using AR

Who doesn’t love a naughty teen or busty blonde babe to have a good fapping session over? I mean really, what’s not to love? They’re hot as hell and bring an unbeatable performance to our screens. Especially the dirty bitches that love fucking in a public place. But imagine taking them hotties out of the screens and inviting them to come around to where we live and give us a hot live performance in our local public park. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Augmented reality specialists Arporntube are helping us do just that. The site is a relatively new blog that covers the latest major news in the field of AR. If you don’t know what AR is, then I suggest you hit them up so you can get a solid understanding.

Public nudity AR

But what it basically means is we can watch full sized virtual holograms performing for us, like they were right there giving us our very own intimate private sex shows, so close we can almost touch them. Just a mobile or headset device is required and we can have the girls of our desires on all fours ready to take it from behind. Anytime, anywhere!

Don’t get me wrong I can sit there with a box of Kleenex all day long watching movie after movie of tight teens and hot babes getting pounded left right and center. But I’m sure you can agree with me on this when I say that I wish it was me who was smashing their asses and not that lucky fucker with the 10-inch penis.

Well, unfortunately I cannot help you grow a 10-inch penis. Trust me if I could, I would have done it myself by now. But as for being the lucky guy pounding their sweet asses, augmented reality porn is starting to make it possible.

Public nudity AR

If like me you’re in to public nudity, then AR is going to be a huge bonus because you can load these holograms up anywhere you want. In the shop, on the bus or right in the middle of a public high-street. There are a few years to go before it takes off, but when it does, its going to be a huge game changer in the world of porn.