10 Best Dating Tips for Men

Do you find it difficult approaching a woman? Well, dating a woman isn’t easy, and many men find it difficult. Although dating is a wonderful experience, it requires skills and practice to be good at it, and win a lady’s heart. However, dating isn’t that tough once you learn a few things about it. In fact, dating is the most fun part of any relationship as it is full of excitement. Moreover, it gets better with time, and as you get to know the other person.

To make your dating journey easier, we have come up with some of the best dating tips for all you guys out there. All these tips come straight from women, so take them seriously. These tips will make your dating life bear no complications. Let’s have a look at them without wasting any more time.

  • Be Loving and Caring: Who doesn’t enjoy love and care? Well, women like it slightly more. Therefore, try to be as loving and caring as you can. Make your girl feel that you care for them, and respect their feelings. Avoid being rude and arrogant as much as possible. No matter how charming you look, you cannot win a woman’s heart if you are not loving. So, the first dating tip is to pamper your girl.
  • Show Respect: Girls like men who respect them, and their feelings. Nothing can beat respect when you are trying to impress a girl. Be it her life decision, or herself as a  person, you need to appreciate and respect them. If you can’t show respect, forget about dating her. It is as simple as that.
  • Let Her Take the Lead: Most women don’t like men who are dominating or those who try to control them. They love freedom too. So, let your lady take the lead at times. Don’t be controlling, and dominating all the time. It isn’t cool, and girls hate it. If you want to keep your dating game strong, let your woman be on par with you.

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  • Don’t Compare: Comparing your girl with another woman is a strict no. No woman likes being compared like that. Many men have this bad habit of making comparisons between their dream lady and their moms. They desire a girl who is as caring as their mothers and it leads to comparisons. Listen, don’t ever do this if you don’t want to ruin things between you and your lady.
  • Make Your Lady Feel Safe: Women have trust issues, especially when it comes to choosing the right guy for themselves. They like being with someone who makes them feel safe and protected. So, if you can make her feel safe; you are the one for her. She will hold on to you no matter what. Therefore, don’t do things that make her uncomfortable or creep her out.

Also, girls like men who don’t indulge in anything intimate without their consent. Hence, be a gentleman, and ask for her consent before getting close. These are the basics of dating that every man should know.

  • Have a Good Sense of Humour: It’s a proven fact that girls like guys more who have a good sense of humour. Therefore, there are more chances that your girl will stick around you if you can make her laugh. So, keep the conversation interesting, and funny if you want to impress your date. Remember, humour is attractive. It will make your lady fall for you. Try making her laugh, and enjoy the time she spends with you.
  • Give Her Compliments: This is a tip that every man should know if they really want to get along with their date well. Girls love receiving compliments. It makes them feel confident about themselves and happy at the same time. Therefore, try giving her compliments, but don’t overdo them. Your compliments should be genuine and come straight from your heart. Don’t fake them.
  • Don’t Be Judgemental: Some men can be judgemental at times. It’s a big turn off for many women. No one likes to be judged, and the same goes for the person you are dating. Don’t judge your girl for her looks, profession, life choices, or habits. Let her have quality time with you, free of any worries and judgments. It’s key to successful dating.
  • Be Yourself: Girls don’t like pretentious men. Be as true to yourself as possible with your date. You can ruin things by faking your personality. Let your date get to know the real you, and accept you the way you are. So, don’t try to be someone you are not just for the sake of impressing your girl.
  • A little flirting Doesn’t Harm: Don’t be all nice and avoid flirting with your date completely. Remember, a little flirting doesn’t harm. In fact, healthy flirting is important to keep the spark alive.


Dating isn’t that complicated if done the right way. Many men find dating women extremely tough. Some don’t even know how to ask a lady out for a date. Others feel anxious and nervous to keep the conversation going. Well, you’re not alone. It happens with almost every other man during their dating journey.

With this in mind, we have shared some of the best dating tips for men (from women). These tips will give you the confidence to take forward your dating game. Do remember our advice to win your lady’s heart.

Remember, women love men who are caring and loving, besides having good personalities. So, follow our advice the next time you plan to take a girl out for a date. Make her feel special, and see her falling for you. You can try other tips too, and see what works the best for you and your date. Good Luck!